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3 min readApr 15, 2022


Recently, many friends ask us questions when using Readoo APP. Therefore, we collected some frequently-asked questions and post here, wishing it can help you all!

Q1:Why it shows “pending” on my exchange order?

When you successfully submit your order and it shows “pending” on it, it means we have already received your order, so don’t worry about that. We need to review your application before you can get your rewards, which usually takes around 3 business days.

Q2:Why the review is needed now, but not at the previous time?

We noticed that there are increasing cheating and vicious behaviors against Readoo APP(like cheating for the invitation rewards), which causes huge damage to other users’ benefits and our system stability&sustainablity.

We need the review and inspection to every oder, and we are investigating into such behaviors and finding ways to controll them. Once the violation detected, we will give punishment to those accounts.

Q3:Why there is a deduction to my Diamonds?

It’s not a punishment or a malfunction, it’s about a BUG FIXING.

We are so sorry that because of the increasing violation behaviors from some users in Readoo, our system get attacked and damaged from it a few days ago.A part of invitation rewards are repeatedly sent to some accounts, and the Diamonds balance is displayed abnormally.

We have fixed the bug on April 14th. The system is recovered, then some repeatedly-issued Diamonds are removed from the corresponding accounts.

If you think your Diamonds are wrongly deducted, please submit your feedback on Readoo APP. (“Me”-“Feedback”)

Q4: Where can I make an exchange?

Open the “Earn” Page, then click “My Diamonds” to enter the exchange page.

Q6: Why can’t I find the “Cash Exchange” and “Phone Credit Exchange” in “My Diamonds”?

First, please make sure your Readoo APP is in the latest version (1.4.3). You can check out this in “Me”page — “Settings”.

Second, please make sure your country fits in the regional restriction.
The Cash Exchange is merely open for the Philippine users, and the Mobile-Credit Exchange is open for the Philippine and Indian users.

If you meet with the requirements above but still can’t find the exchagne entrance, please contact us in “Feedback” on our APP.

Q7: Where can I reach to Readoo?

If you need any help when using Readoo, you can give us feedback in our APP.

Open the “Me” page, and find the “Feedback” entrance.

It’s the most effective way for us to help you, because we can see all of your background stats once we see your feedback.We will solve your problem ASAP.

That’s all of the FAQs sharing. Thank you for your patience and support!




Edit Readoo is the first #Web3 novel platform based on blockchain technology on Solana. Web: