New Updates: Cash & Mobile Credit Exchange

2 min readMar 16, 2022


Hello, Readoo Family. After opening the Diamond system and $REO exchange function, we got several favorable feedback as well as suggestions to improve the platform, such as adding more rewards with liquidity before the launch of $REO. We are extremely concerned with your benefits and experience, and are always willing to listen and respect all feedback and contributions from the community.

Therefore, in this update, we added the exchange function for Cash and Mobile Credits(Top-Ups). In the latest version, everyone can use your Diamonds to exchange for the following:

● Cash (new🔥)

● Mobile top-ups (new🔥)

● Unlimited Reading Card

● $REO


● Regional restriction: The Cash Exchange is merely open for the Philippine users, and the Mobile-Credit Exchange is open for the Philippine and Indian users.

● Time restriction: You can only make the exchange once a day.

● The new exchange functions will last until the launch of $REO (in Q2,2022), and whether to be reserved is depending on users’ and the community’s opinions.

Other Updated Contents

● Optimization of Homepage and Library

● Ranking of Novels is added

● Some adjustments to the invitation rules and rewards for a better experience:

The invitation reward is 5,000 Diamonds per person (limited to 5,000 people per account), depending on the conditions your invited friends meet:

1. Quest rewards: 1200 Diamonds

- Friends install Readoo: 200 Diamonds

- Friends complete the first login: 200 Diamonds

- Friends complete the first invitation: 500 Diamonds

- Friends read for 120 minutes: 300 Diamonds

2. Check-in rewards: 3800 Diamonds

- will be divided into 100 parts;

- You will get a reward share (38 Diamonds) for every time the invited users check in

There are still many other features in development and coming soon, please stay tuned!

Hope you guys will enjoy your time on Readoo!

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