Diamond System Overview

2 min readJan 29, 2022


Hi, Readoo Family! The latest version of Readoo brings the Diamond system with us. I know you must be very curious about this! Let us introduce it to you here.

What is Diamond?

Diamonds serve as the main rewards to our readers who are fond of Readoo, which can be exchanged for unlimited reading cards to get ad-free reading experience, and exchanged for Cash or Phone Credit. More importantly, Diamonds can be exchanged for $REO at a certain ratio in the upcoming Web3 version.

Diamonds Exchange

You can get Diamonds in the following ways:

1. Daily check-in: checking in on the Readoo APP and get abundant Diamonds. For a longer time you check in, the more diamonds you can get. Check-in for more than 7 days in a row can get 80 Diamonds per day.

2.Video tasks: you can watch the advertisement videos for at most five times per day and earn 50 Diamonds each time.

3. Novice tasks: novice tasks will help you be familiar with the Readoo usage, and you can get 960 Diamonds after finishing the tasks.

4. Reading tasks: read for a certain time and get corresponding diamonds rewards. You can get at most 220 Diamonds per day.

5. User invitation: the most lucrative way to get Diamonds. If you like Readoo, you can invite your friends to join our family, and you can get at most 10,000 Diamonds for one new user.


1.Amount of Diamond rewards might vary with the $REO price.

2.The Diamond System is only accepted by Android version of Readoo at present.

What are you waiting for? Read and get your Diamonds on Readoo, which is your perfect Web3 novel platform!




Edit Readoo is the first #Web3 novel platform based on blockchain technology on Solana. Web:https://readoo.io/