A Writer’s Guide to Submit Your Story on Readoo

2 min readMar 23, 2022


Hi, everyone. Welcome to Readoo, the first Web3 Novel platform on Solana.

Here’s a short guide for those wishing to write for us.

How to submit your story?

Step 1: Register a Readoo Author ID

You should become our writers first before you submitting your story.

Go to the website(https://readoowriting.com), and register a Readoo Writing account.

Step2: Send an Application Email to us

Send an email according to the page prompt. After we receive your email, we will confirm whether your samples meet the release requirements. Please wait patiently for our reply.

Step3: Submit your story

If your sample get approved, you will receive an Approval E-mail. Then you can submit your work to us in the requested format.

Step 4: Wait for uploading, check your data

After receiving your story, we will bind your book with your Readoo writing account, and then publish it on Readoo as soon as possible. You will be informed when your book is uploaded.

After your book is uploaded on Readoo, the daily income will be generated in 2–3 days. You can check your story data and estimated income in author background platform, which is depending on how many readers reading your story.

Step 5: Update your work

If your story is to be continued, please be sure to update at least two chapters a week. Please send your updates in the requested format through email. We will update it for you after receiving the attachment.

Step 6: Submit your new story

If you want to submit your new story, the steps are the same with your first submission. Please email us in the previous submission format. We will tell you the result after reviewing your sample.

That’s all of the guide to story submitssion. If you find this passage is helpful, please hit the clap for us or share it to your friends!

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Edit Readoo is the first #Web3 novel platform based on blockchain technology on Solana. Web:https://readoo.io/